Disinformation abound in Ambassador Stevens Assassination, one week later. (Graphic)

On the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, a new false-flag was orchestrated on the very same day. Anyone who doesn’t look at the realm of “coincidence” behind the timing of this attack, and this bogus anti-Muslim video is simply not looking at the facts. I will write a more in-depth analysis of some of the anomalies surrounding Stevens death in a later posting, but I simply want to go over two key pieces of evidence, and the obvious dis-information surrounding them.

First off, I would like all of you to at least put yourself in the mind-frame of a discerning mind. Don’t just regurgitate the main-stream media lines of what they say happened, but use your own mind to look at what seems to be obscenely obvious. If you can do this through the review of this graphic photo, then we can begin to have a real conversation of what happened in last weeks disastrous string of events. If you would like to see a bigger version of this picture, please click here.

Now media pundits can debate all day long, why he was killed, and who killed him. The fact remains, that the mere speed that they gave the “official” story, and how it was regurgitate thousands of times over all of main-stream media must be given a second look. Any time there is a serious event, that the official story is published within hours of the incident, one must at least ask questions.

In today’s post I simply want to have a real look at the fact of his “cause of death”. The cause of death was reported that he died from severe asphyxia from smoke.

Now this may be true, but let us simply give a chance for a second look. His face is clearly flush red, and his lips blue. Now I am not a EMT medical first responded, but this appears to look more like he was choked to death, or even lynched. Accompany that with the fact that there are reports that he was drug around through the streets.

Lastly, I would like to draw attention to this video. Main stream, corporate presstitute media is running the story that this video is showing Libyans trying to “help” Ambassador Stevens. I beg to differ.

If these people were so concerned for Ambassador Stevens health, why would the majority of them be more interested in filming it with their cell phones than helping? I don’t know if many of you have been around someone who has been critically injured, but I can say from experience (being the patient multiple times), that the most important thing to do is to give the people who are helping space. This is obviously not taking place. Any first responded knows, that only so many people can help, and the rest need to give those who are helping the space they need. This is not just people with a medical background, this is anyone with common sense. Simply observing the demeanor of these men, and them being far more interested in getting in the way for filming, and not helping speaks volumes to their intentions. You don’t need to speak Arabic to see that.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that in November of last year, the Al-Qaeda flag was proudly being raised in Benghazi.

Such short memories the general public has… think for yourself.

For another great over-view of these events look at Paul Joseph Watson’s article here.


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