Who are our heroes? Steve Jobs?

Today I saw that the Steve Jobs Memorial had been “erected” in St. Petersburg as an honoring to his inventiveness. Now I am not here to negate the fact that he was a trailblazer. He certainly changed much of how the world works, but is it something to celebrate?

When I ask most people, and I have a massive exposure to Steve Jobs fanatics here teaching English in Russia, they have nothing but good things to say about Apple. Most people seem to only have positive feelings and emotions with Apple, and I think a lot of it comes from the admiration of Steve Jobs. He created a trademark, a sexy brand, and knew how to sell technology as fashion. A marketing genius, but are his business practices also just as trendy, just as “trail-blazing” as his advertising techniques?

If we look at the history of becoming an industrialized nation, we think of dirt, sweat, and outrageously awful working conditions. Children working 12 hour days, and some people even being worked to death. The original union movement did a lot to improve these working conditions. If we also look at the invention of robotics and technology, a lot of those dangerous and awful jobs can be left to robots.

Would we think that Steve Jobs, with his outrageously overpriced products would demand a quality working environment for his employees, and be a proponent of technological industry with a strong middle class? I would hope that anyone with the rights to a memorial would at least be this moral.

If we look the the documentation of his business practices we would see none of the sort. It is well known to the read public that he employs Chinese slave labor, that is so cruel they were forced to install suicide nets on the factory. This had to be done because of the epidemic of Chinese that would choose to jump out of the window, rather than work another day in his factories environment.

Why is it that people so often build statues of the worst kind of people?  Why must there be a human life cost to building a “cheap” iPad? If people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on Apple products because of their impeccable quality, why don’t they demand a workable wage for those who built it?


Disinformation abound in Ambassador Stevens Assassination, one week later. (Graphic)

On the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, a new false-flag was orchestrated on the very same day. Anyone who doesn’t look at the realm of “coincidence” behind the timing of this attack, and this bogus anti-Muslim video is simply not looking at the facts. I will write a more in-depth analysis of some of the anomalies surrounding Stevens death in a later posting, but I simply want to go over two key pieces of evidence, and the obvious dis-information surrounding them.

First off, I would like all of you to at least put yourself in the mind-frame of a discerning mind. Don’t just regurgitate the main-stream media lines of what they say happened, but use your own mind to look at what seems to be obscenely obvious. If you can do this through the review of this graphic photo, then we can begin to have a real conversation of what happened in last weeks disastrous string of events. If you would like to see a bigger version of this picture, please click here.

Now media pundits can debate all day long, why he was killed, and who killed him. The fact remains, that the mere speed that they gave the “official” story, and how it was regurgitate thousands of times over all of main-stream media must be given a second look. Any time there is a serious event, that the official story is published within hours of the incident, one must at least ask questions.

In today’s post I simply want to have a real look at the fact of his “cause of death”. The cause of death was reported that he died from severe asphyxia from smoke.

Now this may be true, but let us simply give a chance for a second look. His face is clearly flush red, and his lips blue. Now I am not a EMT medical first responded, but this appears to look more like he was choked to death, or even lynched. Accompany that with the fact that there are reports that he was drug around through the streets.

Lastly, I would like to draw attention to this video. Main stream, corporate presstitute media is running the story that this video is showing Libyans trying to “help” Ambassador Stevens. I beg to differ.

If these people were so concerned for Ambassador Stevens health, why would the majority of them be more interested in filming it with their cell phones than helping? I don’t know if many of you have been around someone who has been critically injured, but I can say from experience (being the patient multiple times), that the most important thing to do is to give the people who are helping space. This is obviously not taking place. Any first responded knows, that only so many people can help, and the rest need to give those who are helping the space they need. This is not just people with a medical background, this is anyone with common sense. Simply observing the demeanor of these men, and them being far more interested in getting in the way for filming, and not helping speaks volumes to their intentions. You don’t need to speak Arabic to see that.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that in November of last year, the Al-Qaeda flag was proudly being raised in Benghazi.

Such short memories the general public has… think for yourself.

For another great over-view of these events look at Paul Joseph Watson’s article here.

And the truth shall set you free, an introduction.

And the truth shall set you free, an introduction.
I’d like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Nathan, and I grew up in small town Wisconsin, USA. I never went to bed hungry, and I have never needed anything.

This blog is going to be a journalist/current events blog. I will avoid re-posting articles directly, and will focus on well cited analysis. The world is turning into a crazy place, and as I write my first blog entry in the fall of 2012, the situation has never been more dire.
I am 24 years old and grew up in the 9/11 era. I have watched my freedoms disintegrate into nearly nothing. I have protested many of our institutions, and have felt the brute force that our “democracy” has turned into. I see that we are at a cross-roads in human history, and it is all of our duty to speak out. I have seen my generation split into two defining groups, those who chose knowledge, and those who chose ignorance. If you spend any time out of your day searching for blogs such as this, and many others that I will suggest, quote, and cite in the coming months, then I see that we have something in common.

I am A-political. I do not fly a party’s banner, nor any countries in particular. I am a lover of freedom and the Constitution. I am seeking truth, nothing more. We are stuck in a left/right paradigm, and it is destroying our nation and the world. The world media is bought and paid for, and the angle of this blog is to shed the vail of deceit from those people who hide in the shadows. You can call it the new world order, or simply the elite, but the fact remains that there is a small group of individuals that drive world events. I have been in study of the NWO and world events since I was 11 years old. I felt alone on that infamous day of September 11th when I knew in my gut right away that something wasn’t right.

If you feel that false flag terror is a conspiracy theory, then this blog is not for you. If you find it something you can consider, but haven’t researched fully, I wouldn’t begin with September 11th. I would venture you to google Operation Northwoods, or simply wikipedia The Gulf of Tonkin. This blog will delve into the issues that so many ignore, and I cannot promise there to be no bias at all, but I will remain as neutral as possible. There are world event’s that are taking place that cannot be ignored. I will attempt through this blog to shed as much light onto the topics the mainstream media refuses to touch.

Lastly, in this political season I will give no endorsement to either candidate, for they are both bought and paid for by the same people. We are merely choosing between two gangs, and I refuse to do so.

-Much more to come