Michael Hastings, Yet another victim of the NDAA

First I would like to write a proper obituary for a true American, and a Patriot.

Michael Hastings was one of the best reporters we have seen in a generation. He should be celebrated as a hero, and if we ever get our country back, he will be spoken in the same breath as many of our founding fathers. I would describe Mr. Hastings in a single word, Courageous.

No matter how bomb shell his information (like the Runaway General), he was always fearless in his pursuit of the truth. As I read through his obituaries from places like the New York Times, we see that these cowards are trying to tarnish his name, even in death.

When you see the main stream media openly trying to defame someones name, posthumously, then some eyebrows must be raised even higher to the strange circumstances of his death, and the official story that followed.

Days before Hastings death, he was in contact with Wiki-leaks with some more damaging and bomb shell information involving the Pentagon and the shadow government. Hastings had a history of writing incredibly damaging pieces, and his time had come.

The question is, what do we do about it? How much abuse can the American people take at this point? Now we know for a fact that the NSA was used to spy on reporters, as shown by the AP scandal. More news has come out that many other journalists have been monitored, which was clearly the case with Hastings as well. We know they were using this information for the IRS to persecute conservative groups, Benghazi was a murder cover up, drones are being used to kill American citizens, and journalists are dropping like flies.

Let us not forget Mr. Breitbart of breitbart.com died just hours before he was going to release information he spoke as if it would be the end of the Obama administration. My guess is it was some old footage of his clear involvement in the Weather Underground.

Aaron Schwartz also died just days after he rejected a plea bargain, because he was intent on fighting his phony charges and to continue fighting for internet freedom. Main stream media reports he was “forced” or “pushed” to suicide. I think they are right, but I think his neck was forced inside that noose, quite literally.

Hastings car supposedly blew up from fire, but his engine inside his brand new Mercedes managed to fly over 100 feet after the explosion. Does this sound like a gasoline fire/explosion to you? They also reported that his car hit a tree, which has proven to be incorrect.


Perhaps the shadow government wants us to know they are coming for us. Perhaps the deaths of journalists, and activists a like is meant to have a “chilling affect”.

America? Are you scared? Or are you angry? Your response to the revelations of our government being a criminal organization will be remembered for generations to come.

The future is now.