Executive Orders, Exploiting Children, and IMPEACHMENT

To begin this piece, I would simply like to review President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech on January 16th that will go in infamy of American history. The use of children, not even considering using recently shot children, to forward a political agenda is reprehensible. I knew that Obama wasn’t good news from the very beginning, but I never imagined he would wish to turn this tyrannical, this fast. Romney would have been no better, he is also a globalist, but to see this dog and pony show reach this level of brazen hypocrisy is simply more than I can bear. So that is openly the inspiration of this article.

Using children for political gain and propaganda is a very old tactic. It is a signature move of any tyrant, and there is an unbelievable amount of evidence to support this theory. I could go through what each of these following tyrants did to their peoples, but as they say; “A picture says 1,000 words.”


To fully discuss the “imprint” these “gentlemen” left on society would take some pages, but I would like to refer you to the University of Hawaii Study on a new term called “Democide”. It is death by government, and these men rank very high on the list, no doubt.

Whether it is the Hitler Youth, or Stalin’s Pioneers, tyrannical governments always seek to exploit and influence the children. What a better way to place state before family when the children spend at least 13 years in a government institution that is disarmed, drilled, and propagates the children into a state of fear.


Unfortunately, most Americans think this is completely genuine, and actually believe that there is no agenda here. I beg of the public to open their eyes to what has been done. You can view this speech for yourself, here.

The real issue here is, I thought we were a democracy, or dare I say a Republic. I realize that my freedoms are crumbling all around me, and that the life of the average American is getting worse everyday. I just thought that my one last island of hope was that the President would never have the audacity to use a staggering 19 Executive Orders to restrict my right to bear arms. At least he could have demanded Congress to act, listen to their constituents, and have an honest debate about this. Of course this could not have been possible, because he has an agenda. Obama put these Executive Orders in not to just start the debate, but to set the tone. Congress will be phase two of this criminal operation. You can view the entire list of the Orders here.

The most significant impact of these orders, is a slew of them that centralize data about gun owners. This wouldn’t seem see draconian, if it weren’t for it being coupled with laws and nudges to the newly run, state healthcare system. We all know it as Obama Care. The weekly standard is reporting that Obama is asking doctors to snitch on their patients. We also see more funding for more psychiatric spy’s, to infiltrate our schools, in an attempt to drug our children with psychotropic medication. Do we not see what is going on here? The Stazi is being set up all around us, with psychologists, doctors, and eventually everyone being citizen spies. Let us not forget the “See something, say something” campaign. This is all a take-over, and the American people must wake up.

With all of that being said, I would like to point out that the citizens of the United States have filed Articles of Impeachment against the president. He has broke too many laws of our constitution, and is guilty of subversion, treason, and many more war crimes. The war crimes come from the illegal wars in Libya, and Syria. He defied congress, and went against their wishes. He is not a King, or maybe he is. King’s have always had killing, and enemies lists, how is a Drone attack list any different?

The most damning of evidence to fully impeach Obama, is his clear violation of Article 1 Section 9 of our Constitution. He sits on the UN Security Council, and this is unacceptable. How can people be so naive to think he wouldn’t have a conflict of interests? He has put us in war in several other countries, and Afghanistan is almost as long as Vietnam. How long will we put up with this? He is a war criminal, plain and simple.

But now his foreign policy has taken yet another disastrous turn. After Obama and Clinton’s massive failure in Beghazi, the American supported French air-force, bombed Mali, and has created yet another “terrorist” surge. When will the people wake up? Now American hostages to divert our attention in Mali. Things just keep getting better…