Second Amendment Battle Heats Up

No matter if you call yourself a Democrat or a Republican, no one can deny that there is a political battle over the Second Amendment now. It is part of the headlines everyday. Ever since Sandy Hook, there has been a massive hyping of gun control, much like after Columbine not that long ago.

Things have really gotten crazy, even with members of the media and social networking calling for the death of the NRA President. If the same was done to anyone else except a Second Amendment proponent, they would be under immediate investigation. With all of the talk about the Second Amendment, what about the First Amendment? I know it protects our free speech, but you can’t call for murdering someone in public. This is not O.K. With all of these anti-gunners speaking about gun control for some delusional collective ideology, then why can we talk about killing pro-gunners? Does that maintain the moral high ground? Does the end justify the means?
Alex Jones appearance on the Piers Morgan show has gotten much attention. Could he have been more calm? Sure. I must say that as a listener, I can only say that I am proud of someone taking an emotional position, and reflecting the frustration of the liberty minded minority.

Reportedly employees at the rotting CNN headquarters even began crying. We have become such a nation of sheeple that no one can even understand why someone could become enraged. I am equally as enraged, and I see no other response to some slimy British man telling my American public on how to run our politics. Is this not world governance at last? Can we not see that a media operation taking public funding, and having a foreigner as a main anchor not an act of treason?

If it is not, and you lean more on the side of a conservative approach, then how can one bring logic to CNN’s response to this “over-zealous” personality? The very next evening after Alex Jones had his appearance on the Piers Morgan show, the guests made jokes of killing Alex Jones. How is this O.K. on a national broadcast?

With the economy crumbling, and society on an obvious decline worldwide, there has never been a more important time to possess a fire-arm. Whether it be to protect yourself from a home invader, or a tyrannical government, this is our sacred birth right. The right to bear arms to protect ones family and possessions is a god-given right, and no one shall infringe upon them.

When I see all of the American establishment coming for our guns, I think of George Mason, and many credit him as the true father of the Bill of Rights. He said “What is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

If you want to have a much more detailed description of what happens when a government seeks to disarm the people, just check out this article by a Russian writer that chronicles their gun history. Sound familiar? It just may feel like dejavu soon enough.