Michael Hastings, Yet another victim of the NDAA

First I would like to write a proper obituary for a true American, and a Patriot.

Michael Hastings was one of the best reporters we have seen in a generation. He should be celebrated as a hero, and if we ever get our country back, he will be spoken in the same breath as many of our founding fathers. I would describe Mr. Hastings in a single word, Courageous.

No matter how bomb shell his information (like the Runaway General), he was always fearless in his pursuit of the truth. As I read through his obituaries from places like the New York Times, we see that these cowards are trying to tarnish his name, even in death.

When you see the main stream media openly trying to defame someones name, posthumously, then some eyebrows must be raised even higher to the strange circumstances of his death, and the official story that followed.

Days before Hastings death, he was in contact with Wiki-leaks with some more damaging and bomb shell information involving the Pentagon and the shadow government. Hastings had a history of writing incredibly damaging pieces, and his time had come.

The question is, what do we do about it? How much abuse can the American people take at this point? Now we know for a fact that the NSA was used to spy on reporters, as shown by the AP scandal. More news has come out that many other journalists have been monitored, which was clearly the case with Hastings as well. We know they were using this information for the IRS to persecute conservative groups, Benghazi was a murder cover up, drones are being used to kill American citizens, and journalists are dropping like flies.

Let us not forget Mr. Breitbart of breitbart.com died just hours before he was going to release information he spoke as if it would be the end of the Obama administration. My guess is it was some old footage of his clear involvement in the Weather Underground.

Aaron Schwartz also died just days after he rejected a plea bargain, because he was intent on fighting his phony charges and to continue fighting for internet freedom. Main stream media reports he was “forced” or “pushed” to suicide. I think they are right, but I think his neck was forced inside that noose, quite literally.

Hastings car supposedly blew up from fire, but his engine inside his brand new Mercedes managed to fly over 100 feet after the explosion. Does this sound like a gasoline fire/explosion to you? They also reported that his car hit a tree, which has proven to be incorrect.


Perhaps the shadow government wants us to know they are coming for us. Perhaps the deaths of journalists, and activists a like is meant to have a “chilling affect”.

America? Are you scared? Or are you angry? Your response to the revelations of our government being a criminal organization will be remembered for generations to come.

The future is now.


BENGHAZIGATE… swept under the rug

Here is the Al-queda flag flying high in Benghazi, Libya after the "liberation."

Here is the Al-queda flag flying high in Benghazi, Libya after the “liberation.”

Too often we see in modern history that scandals tend to come in waves. Whenever there is truly something news worthy, something that could truly cause some change, the news cycle gets completely bombarded with information over-load. Before I look over the last couple weeks scandals erupting, and the present state of an utter uncomputable amount of data, lets take a look at another White House scandal of recent memory.

We all remember Bill Clinton’s most famous quote, “I did not have sexual relations with that women.” The whole world followed this White House soap opera, but did you ever stop to think why something like that would be allowed to come out as a scandal from the White House. Bill Clinton is a notorious sexual monster. It has come out in court repeatedly that his sexual escapades, have been on-going for his entire professional career. Look at anytime in history, and he has been a systematic sexual predator, and nothing had changed before, during, or after this scandal.

It would still be news making if these lawsuits would be pushed out into the mainstream media, but they didn’t, and you have to ask yourself, why?

Could it have been that the Administration was creating a media scandal to cover up something that could have been a truly impeachable offense? Well that fact is that this is exactly the case. This scandal was a big media circus, to give the distraction necessary to sweep under the rug the fact that Clinton was directly involved in giving the Chinese advanced nuclear technologies. Quite clear cut proof that he is a globalist minion. The Clinton’s could have been impeached for a number of crimes, including their repeated implications in homicides and “suicides” over their career.

Moving back to Benghazi. Benghazi has now been placed in 3rd when it comes to media coverage. It is of course behind the scandals about the IRS targeting patriot groups, and the AP wire-tapping scandal.

Both of these are damaging, to say the very least, but which one has the greatest risk to the establishment? Both of these two are possible career ending moments for players within the Administration. Both of these show the true level of the criminality to the American government, but Benghazi has something different.

Benghazi proves that the Al-queda work for the globalists (NATO/CIA), missiles were illegally given to these groups (I.E. Iran-Contra), NATO was running our security and military forces, and that multiple nations were involved.

These other two scandals could perhaps bring down the Administration and send a lot of people inside the AMERICAN Government in jail. But Benghazi, if all of the truth comes out, could have the possibility of shattering the public’s trust in NATO. “They” don’t want the American people to go down that rabbit hole.

But now there are even people of Congress screaming the proof of a stand-down order that would make the administration(especially Hilary) guilty of 1st degree murder.

And magically not one, but two more scandals come to share the limelight.

Goodbye Benghazigate, from ever having a chance to save us all.

Illinois Credit Rating Downgraded, ECONOMIC CRISIS

Too often I see that there are many educated people out there, that are so close to full understanding, but fail to connect the dots. Modern American society is full of well educated, and good people, but the problem of today’s America is a short attention span, and a severe lack of short term memory.

Over the weekend I saw the headline, Illinois’ Credit Rating Downgraded. Now this essentially marks a very important landmark in modern American economic policy. Chicago, and Illinois’ are to America, what Greece is to the EU. This moves Illinois’, home of Chicago pizza, Lincoln, and the Bulls is now the worst state in America when it comes to debt rating.

This brings about a time in Illinois’ that everyone has been dreading. Corruption and over-taxation have created a dire situation. Chicago is the deadliest city in America, and now it should be no surprise that this comes on the back of information that it is also the worst economy in America.

Let us not forget that this is Obama’s state, and Chicago is Obama’s city. He has worked in all facets of determining and making policy in Chicago for the great State of Illinois’. His entire political career was with the Democrats in Chicago. Chicago is well over 60% Democrat, so they determined policy at will over his early political career. Make no mistake, these policies that have led to the destruction of Chicago (and Detroit) have destroyed these once shining examples of American ingenuity.

The Treasury Secretary Mr. Rutherford of Illinois had a press conference after Standard & Poors downgraded Illinois’ officially to an A- credit rating (the maximum being AAA). His best quote was that there is a “pension issue”, in the City of Chicago’s budget, and the State’s as well. Rutherford continues as saying that there needs to be tax reform “in a fair way, over public pensions.”

I would see it as no surprise that the Socialist Illinois’ government would hint at taking away pensions, all the while raising taxes to pay the new interest at the lower S&P credit rating. This is what we call “austerity”, which simply means, raise tax’s and cutting public spending. People involved in researching these economic issues at a global conspiracy level have warned that the plan all along was to bankrupt the states and cities, leaving nothing but the pensions to be looted, which is being announced now.

The next question is, why is all of this happening? Could there be any other connections from the recent current events to add to the puzzle?

Well we first must accept that economics rules all. It starts all of the war’s, and directs all the policies. All conspiracies begin with economics, and end with them too. Now the next things that I am about to cite are not necessary directly connected, but try to open your mind and see just how related everything is.

Obama continues to violate stimulus law by not releasing quarterly reports. No one wants to know where all of this stimulus money is? Who owes what? They are clearly hiding something, and I think it’s connected to the overall feelings worldwide about the dollar.

Bundestag Bank, the biggest bank in Germany, just announced their intention to “repatriate” their gold. This means they are demanding the gold back from the New York Federal Reserve that was being stored there… and the truth of the matter is, that it’s gone. The NY FED does not have enough gold to “give back” all that they have borrowed. This is by design, the dollar is about to collapse.

If you add the Bundestag Bank issue, hiding stimulus money, downgrading the credit of one of the biggest cities in America, and gold being back in the news… things aren’t looking too good.

It’s not just gold that is becoming far more popular of late. JP Morgan recently bought into more than 20% of the worlds copper market! This simply proves that all of the big banks are bailing on any paper currency they can.

Lastly, the Rothschild’s are on an absolute buying frenzy on gold right now, and this all points back to the big issue everyone is talking about.




It’s hard to imagine this for a lot of people out there, but all of this mad dash to the exits of currencies, is all connected to the recent gun debate.

Once the currency collapses, these global bankers will show themselves to the world as saviors to the mess they have created. They cannot have the slaves armed, because some of them just may not believe the “baloney” that is being fed to them.

And if this sounds too extreme for you, just check out this video from the economic crisis of 2008 where then Treasure Secretary Paulson warned of “Martial Law”, if the banks were allowed to fail.

So now the question remains, why are all of these economic issues all happening just as fast as the distraction of Sandy Hook and the ensuing gun debate? Will Americans really stay this much in the dark to not see that economic policies repercussions are usually tied to freedom, in fact, they always are.

Lastly, to add insult to injury to this whole situation, there is breaking news. According to Kyle Bass (a well known economist within the establishment), a senior Obama Official told him that the only answer to this great economic question is, “We are going to kill the dollar.” This information is HUGE, more to come on this breaking news.

Be aware of the coming months, the worlds currencies are about to hit a rocky patch… World-wide Hyper Inflation awaits… Strap your seat-beats!




Today I saw that the Steve Jobs Memorial had been “erected” in St. Petersburg as an honoring to his inventiveness. Now I am not here to negate the fact that he was a trailblazer. He certainly changed much of how the world works, but is it something to celebrate?

When I ask most people, and I have a massive exposure to Steve Jobs fanatics here teaching English in Russia, they have nothing but good things to say about Apple. Most people seem to only have positive feelings and emotions with Apple, and I think a lot of it comes from the admiration of Steve Jobs. He created a trademark, a sexy brand, and knew how to sell technology as fashion. A marketing genius, but are his business practices also just as trendy, just as “trail-blazing” as his advertising techniques?

If we look at the history of becoming an industrialized nation…

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Executive Orders, Exploiting Children, and IMPEACHMENT

To begin this piece, I would simply like to review President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech on January 16th that will go in infamy of American history. The use of children, not even considering using recently shot children, to forward a political agenda is reprehensible. I knew that Obama wasn’t good news from the very beginning, but I never imagined he would wish to turn this tyrannical, this fast. Romney would have been no better, he is also a globalist, but to see this dog and pony show reach this level of brazen hypocrisy is simply more than I can bear. So that is openly the inspiration of this article.

Using children for political gain and propaganda is a very old tactic. It is a signature move of any tyrant, and there is an unbelievable amount of evidence to support this theory. I could go through what each of these following tyrants did to their peoples, but as they say; “A picture says 1,000 words.”


To fully discuss the “imprint” these “gentlemen” left on society would take some pages, but I would like to refer you to the University of Hawaii Study on a new term called “Democide”. It is death by government, and these men rank very high on the list, no doubt.

Whether it is the Hitler Youth, or Stalin’s Pioneers, tyrannical governments always seek to exploit and influence the children. What a better way to place state before family when the children spend at least 13 years in a government institution that is disarmed, drilled, and propagates the children into a state of fear.


Unfortunately, most Americans think this is completely genuine, and actually believe that there is no agenda here. I beg of the public to open their eyes to what has been done. You can view this speech for yourself, here.

The real issue here is, I thought we were a democracy, or dare I say a Republic. I realize that my freedoms are crumbling all around me, and that the life of the average American is getting worse everyday. I just thought that my one last island of hope was that the President would never have the audacity to use a staggering 19 Executive Orders to restrict my right to bear arms. At least he could have demanded Congress to act, listen to their constituents, and have an honest debate about this. Of course this could not have been possible, because he has an agenda. Obama put these Executive Orders in not to just start the debate, but to set the tone. Congress will be phase two of this criminal operation. You can view the entire list of the Orders here.

The most significant impact of these orders, is a slew of them that centralize data about gun owners. This wouldn’t seem see draconian, if it weren’t for it being coupled with laws and nudges to the newly run, state healthcare system. We all know it as Obama Care. The weekly standard is reporting that Obama is asking doctors to snitch on their patients. We also see more funding for more psychiatric spy’s, to infiltrate our schools, in an attempt to drug our children with psychotropic medication. Do we not see what is going on here? The Stazi is being set up all around us, with psychologists, doctors, and eventually everyone being citizen spies. Let us not forget the “See something, say something” campaign. This is all a take-over, and the American people must wake up.

With all of that being said, I would like to point out that the citizens of the United States have filed Articles of Impeachment against the president. He has broke too many laws of our constitution, and is guilty of subversion, treason, and many more war crimes. The war crimes come from the illegal wars in Libya, and Syria. He defied congress, and went against their wishes. He is not a King, or maybe he is. King’s have always had killing, and enemies lists, how is a Drone attack list any different?

The most damning of evidence to fully impeach Obama, is his clear violation of Article 1 Section 9 of our Constitution. He sits on the UN Security Council, and this is unacceptable. How can people be so naive to think he wouldn’t have a conflict of interests? He has put us in war in several other countries, and Afghanistan is almost as long as Vietnam. How long will we put up with this? He is a war criminal, plain and simple.

But now his foreign policy has taken yet another disastrous turn. After Obama and Clinton’s massive failure in Beghazi, the American supported French air-force, bombed Mali, and has created yet another “terrorist” surge. When will the people wake up? Now American hostages to divert our attention in Mali. Things just keep getting better…

Second Amendment Battle Heats Up

No matter if you call yourself a Democrat or a Republican, no one can deny that there is a political battle over the Second Amendment now. It is part of the headlines everyday. Ever since Sandy Hook, there has been a massive hyping of gun control, much like after Columbine not that long ago.

Things have really gotten crazy, even with members of the media and social networking calling for the death of the NRA President. If the same was done to anyone else except a Second Amendment proponent, they would be under immediate investigation. With all of the talk about the Second Amendment, what about the First Amendment? I know it protects our free speech, but you can’t call for murdering someone in public. This is not O.K. With all of these anti-gunners speaking about gun control for some delusional collective ideology, then why can we talk about killing pro-gunners? Does that maintain the moral high ground? Does the end justify the means?
Alex Jones appearance on the Piers Morgan show has gotten much attention. Could he have been more calm? Sure. I must say that as a listener, I can only say that I am proud of someone taking an emotional position, and reflecting the frustration of the liberty minded minority.

Reportedly employees at the rotting CNN headquarters even began crying. We have become such a nation of sheeple that no one can even understand why someone could become enraged. I am equally as enraged, and I see no other response to some slimy British man telling my American public on how to run our politics. Is this not world governance at last? Can we not see that a media operation taking public funding, and having a foreigner as a main anchor not an act of treason?

If it is not, and you lean more on the side of a conservative approach, then how can one bring logic to CNN’s response to this “over-zealous” personality? The very next evening after Alex Jones had his appearance on the Piers Morgan show, the guests made jokes of killing Alex Jones. How is this O.K. on a national broadcast?

With the economy crumbling, and society on an obvious decline worldwide, there has never been a more important time to possess a fire-arm. Whether it be to protect yourself from a home invader, or a tyrannical government, this is our sacred birth right. The right to bear arms to protect ones family and possessions is a god-given right, and no one shall infringe upon them.

When I see all of the American establishment coming for our guns, I think of George Mason, and many credit him as the true father of the Bill of Rights. He said “What is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

If you want to have a much more detailed description of what happens when a government seeks to disarm the people, just check out this article by a Russian writer that chronicles their gun history. Sound familiar? It just may feel like dejavu soon enough.